we'll always be together.
6c2 ,
As we go on, we remember all
the times we had together.
As our lives change from
whatever, we will still be
friends forever.
Sunday, March 20, 2011
Sup guuys! Eh we need to meet up some time soon man. Our class is like split into 2 cliques (aaron's group and zeke's group)Combine together and have a class outing soon please. June holidays probably? And mdm suriani is not teaching at SQPS anymore right? Any idea where she went?


&never forget us.

Monday, February 23, 2009
Hellohello, Jiayi here.
I'm sorry for any wrong info! And sorry for all the blanks, cause i'm not sure of the school/cca. If you see any wrong info or can help fill in the blanks, tell me kayyy.
And if you want author invitations, tell me! Tyvm.

&never forget us.

Ehh...How should i start off this post o.o
YOYO? lol~

So long since all of us gathered in one room.
Missed those times when all the boys are playing pokemon cards.
(not that i still play them)....(ok actually i do)....(but not pokemon)

ehh economy crisis better not waste money...
kk signing off now BYE :D

&never forget us.

Like finally, we have a blog.
I know its a tad late, but still, better late than never rights? x.x

Now the only thing left to do is to find our old classmates and ask them for their school and cca, blogs if they have. And this is the most friggin' hard thing to do cause I don't have all their msn and all. AHHH, whatever ._.

&never forget us.

Friends forever.

Hello. This blog belongs to the class of 6c2, year 2006.
Tag to be linked.
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No spammers, or whatever. Tyvm.
It's Shuqun Primary fyi.

the class

According to register number,
1. Celine Koe
Fuhua Secondary-
2. Elena Choo
Jurongville Secondary- Drama
3. Dorothy Yip
NanHua High- Harp Ensemble
4. Farah

5. Heidi
- Girl Guides
6. Jasmin
Jurong Secondary- Choir
7. Krisha
Tanglin Secondary-
8. Lim Shi Rui

9. Lithia Ramesh
YuanChing Secondary- Art Club
10. Low Jiayi
Fuhua Secondary- Choir
11. Nur Asrinah

12. Nur Syuhada

13. Shahirah

14. See Zuo En
YuanChing Secondary- Dance
15. Sri Andala
YuanChing Secondary- Netball
16. Tan Hui Hui
Jurong Secondary-
17. Valerie Tan
Commonwealth Secondary- Choir
18. Teo Tze Hwee
YuanChing Secondary- Band
19. Wee Xin Hui
NanHua High-
20. Yee Mei Hui
Jurongville Secondary- Band
21. Alicia Yiap
Jurongville Secondary- Drama
22. Aaron Heng
YuanChing Secondary-
23. Eryan

24. Eugene Foo
Jurong Secondary- Rugby
25. Hew Jian Yuan
Fuhua Secondary- Robotics
26. Joel Ng
HuaYi Secondary-
27. Joseph Li
St. Joesph's-
28. Khoo Wei Chin
Jurongville Secondary- Infocomm
29. Khoo Wei Jie
Jurong Secondary- Rugby
30. Lee Sze Wei
HuaYi Secondary- Infocom/Tennis
31. Joe Lim
Commonwealth Secondary-
32. Lim Wei Ting

33. Lim Yi Chang
Westwood Secondary- NPCC
34. Maung Thant Soe
HuaYi Secondary-
35. Ridzuan
Jurong West Secondary- NCC
36. Muhd.Danial
Jurong Secondary- Scouts
37. Muhd.Hazairi
Fuhua Secondary- NCC
38. Neil Mehta
Commonwealth Secondary-
39. Ryan Poon
Jurong Secondary- Cross Country
40. Seah Cheng
Westwood Secondary- Basketball
41. Tan Boon Hao

42. Albert Teng
HuaYi Secondary- ELDDS
43. Zeke Tan
Jurongville Secondary- Basketball




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